Monday, August 22, 2016

Spanked crying girls... need comforting too :(


Anonymous said...

Spanked crying girls need lots of extra comforting.


Anonymous said...

Yes they do Veronica. You are so right. And it's part of the firm, formal process for strict, loving, traditional discipline.
Hands on head young lady, while mommy pulls up your jammies and gives you huggies. A stinging bottom now will prevent you getting into trouble when you are grown up and older Veronica (as my strict mom always told sister and me back in the she too pulled up our snuggy jammies back over our red, sore bums !)

And then oh my, it is time to sleep on your tummy Veronica - it is soooo way past bedtime for naughty, lil' princesses! And momma also now has to speak to the neighbours and explain the noise (loud, swishy-thwacky-ouchie bare botty smacks and boo -hoo girly cries) They will be wondering why a naughty, lil' one gotten a whuppin' with the lil' cane Veronica! :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Njspank said...

Come on over. So beautiful

Anonymous said...

Of course my crying little sweetheart, come sit on naughty devil's lap for cuddling and caresses to feel better, daddy always forgives and loves you so much!!! Forgiveness and affection are absolutely essential aftercare to loving spankings as spankings and affectionate aftercare are an expression of love and caring for my sweetheart darlings, naughty or not. ND =;)

Mike Pahula said...

I would Comfort you for long long time i would kiss then massage pinch your well spanked booty until your no longer crying

Anonymous said...

Yes after spankings cuddles are needed,best spanks , Tim x