Thursday, August 4, 2016

"The Perfect Spanking"

A beautiful top who scolds and actually knows how to spank, a beautiful bottom who is submissive, takes her licks and has the perfect bubble butt, mix that with an over-the-knee spanking outside for all to see and you have the ingredients for the perfect spanking. :)      Kelly Payne of


Dai Preston said...

That was really good. You should credit whoever made this video.

OldFashionGirl said...

Not sure who made it, had it on my hard drive for several years. If anyone knows please let me know.:)

Anonymous said...

The spanker is definitely Kelly Payne of !

You can count on me to know about the F/F ones, lol <3

Ms. Ash

Njspank said...

Wow. Just lovely.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, how lovely Veronica. Proper tantrum training. And neighbours see how naughty lil' girl next door is admonished. I sooo love mommy taking off the stingy flip-flop. Fabulous ! And sooo right too - strict mommies will approve Veronica. And the hairbrush too ! Proper spankings Veronica. Naughty botties on show and "heat to the seat" ! :-(
Exactly as you and I were raised Veronica !
Strict Momma Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Such a cute spanked sweetie! And mommy needs to give a full report to daddy for that naughty little darling to get a second follow up spanking too! Of course when she has been crying long enough, softie naughty devil daddy will forgive her just to cuddle her with her blushing bottom sitting on daddy's lap. Bad naughty devil daddy can't resist forgiving and cuddling a cute spanked sweetie! ND =;)

Anonymous said...

So wonderful seeing this again already Veronica
This beautiful Japanese cutie with the fairest, lily-white botty is you Veronica ! Oh my, you need a spanking like this Veronica. A Japanese mommaspankings !

This series sure reflects on my life Veronica. It makes me nostalgic and want to write my memoirs. I'm now in my late 50s, and these films remind me of three stages: first as a lil' girl in a very strict Christian household in Georgia in the 1960s (spankee !) Second as a strict, loving mother in the 1980s/90s raising my two wonderful daughters (a spanker and staunch CP mom) and third as a loving wife today (with daughters long gone away) and being a disciplinarian (both as a spankee and spanker !)

I gotten raised in a very strict, religious household in the 1960s. My mother would fetch the cane (rattan switch) and my lil' sister and me gotten our panties pulled down for a good, bare-ass whipping. It was terrible and we called it the hornets nest ! The elderly, pious neighbors next door supported my mother's canings for us. We all went to Church together. In Atlanta everyone talked about spanking in the 1960s !

These films also remind me of raising my two wonderful lil' daughters in the 1980s and 90s. Naturally, they gotten corporal punishment in their childhood, just like I did from my own mother. In fact, my mom was often around to oversee discipline. I was a busy, working mom and naturually believed in "spare the rod spoil the child."

My hubby was the "good cop" but supported me as the "bad cop mom" and bottom smacker !! My girls reported to me when they gotten naughty over the years !
In the early years they gotten their shorts and panties pulled down and went over my knee for the rubber spatula or hairbrush on their bare bottoms. From age 8, they gotten the cane (aka the flexible rattan switch like I gotten before )...again, panties always gotten pulled down, bare botty every time. No compromise needed or granted Veronica !

For sure it was harsh for them (but harmless too) Veronica, but they talk about it a lot now today in their 30s (their botties sure survived their upbringing with me, their mom, Veronica !) and they actually thank me often for my strict Southern maternal ways. They are so happy and successful already and believe in proper discipline ! It was CP not PC in our house Veronica. Very typical of the South. Most moms I knew spanked !

Two decades later and I am loving your blog Veronica. I so love it. And so does my hubby.
He spanks me regularly and likes a fun-based, sexy, broad range of spanking genres. I like the strict, realistic mother/daughter scenarios because it reflects my upbringing and motherly duties ! (long time ago) My mother is still a young mid 80s right now !
Nostalgic Refelective Brenda xx