Sunday, September 4, 2016

Can't sit down Sunday :(

"Bare bottom spankings are soooo embarrassing!!!"


Anonymous said...

Lovely ! No need for groundings, time-outs or naughty steps !
Lil' Bratty Veronica, the girl next door's behaviour at church was quite disgraceful this morning.
So, Oh my, back at home, retribution was spontaneous and routine. A lil' pair of panties had to come down and Veronica received a good, hard bare bottom spanking.
So good to see strict, loving, ol' fashioned domestic discipline being administered. No nonsense already ! And it sure is the only way, says Veronica's strict papa, Tony !
Brenda and Hubby xx

Robert Stephens said...

Bare bottomed spankings are sooooo delicious. And so are you Veronica!

Mike Pahula said...

well only unless your one doing the bare bottom spankings lol let me go bare bottom over your lap you spank me then let see

but i thought you love getting bare bottom spankings getting bare bottom spankings bring smile to your face

Anonymous said...

We see you laughing Veronica, you naughty girl!!! And we know you're having just too much fun having your panties pulled down in the middle of your well deserved over the knee spankings!!!! Ah another day, another happy embarrassing panties down bare bottom spanking over your naughty devil's knee; quite pleased with yourself until tomorrow, I'm sure! ND =;)

Anonymous said...

Oh ,Veronica what did you do to to invite this spanking on your super bottom! I am sure you are enjoying showing all of your spanking taking place but I think young ladies should also be smacked on their thighs ,which makes some really wriggle about showing more of their anatomy !That is embarrassing !KM

Njspank said...

Never disappoints. Thanks

Anonymous said...

An effective spanker knows how to make a spanking more embarrassing so it is remembered even longer. Blushing should be at both ends.