Sunday, September 25, 2016

Can't sit down Sunday :(

"Let me put on my panties before he finds out that I left the house without wearing them."

"He must have x-ray visions because he found out!!!"


Njspank said...

Love Sunday. Love the panty too

Mike Pahula said...

who said you have to wear panties when go out i wouldnt order you too kind shame you had get otk spanking when he found out bet you didnt mind being spanked right

if i told you i kind spill bean that how husband Tony found out are you going giveme a good hard otk spanking too

Anonymous said...

Naughty girls get Ol' fashioned spankings..."daddy-approved" for sensitive bottoms Veronica :-)

So swell to see our naughty lil' girl next door get traditional TLC and trusted, paternal care for soft, sensitive skin !

Fabby botty ! Oh my :-)
Strict Momma Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Hi , I agree if you want to go without, you do so! The only problem is if your skirt is too short ,and the wind is blowing strongly up the 'Kyber Pass' (rhyming Uk sLang for ass!! )