Tuesday, September 6, 2016

For all you "Naughty" boys!!!

"My lap isn't going to wait all day!!!"


Anonymous said...

Being on the receiving end so much (as a male switch, I've enjoyed seeing you there) I bet you really can blister a bottom if you ever tried it.

Anyway, just want to appreciate being able to dream of another side of you.

Stay well, sexy lady.


Anonymous said...

Lush but scary Veronica :-)
I am sentencing my naughty hubby to a session over your lap !
And I am also sentencing my naughty self for a session over your lap too Veronica !
Boo-Hoo :-( but please, please Veronica, do not smack my tender bare white botty with a wooden spoon. Promise !?...Doh !
Naughty Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

It's very hard to look at this, if you know what I mean. ;)

Mike Pahula said...

you mean i have go over your lap again for a spanking you must of found out what i did and found out i smoke cigarette again so i have get over lap for my spanking right?

Njspank said...

Just a beautiful welcoming and erotic lap. Oh yes please I will be right there and wil bring your brush too.

Anonymous said...

The hand on your thigh says it all. You are perfect,Veronica!-gelato

Anonymous said...

I think I need a trip over you're lap too but if brenda feels like turning me over her knee I might need that too. :)


Anonymous said...

Yes Miss Veronica is to spank us boy brats otk s ,hello Brenda too best spanks , Tim x

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that look. Definitely feel naughty now.