Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday's Spankable...

Back to school..


Anonymous said...

I think there maybe slightly too many naughty schoolgirls here for my hubby to deal with. I think we may need to call on She-Hulk from your Wednesday post Veronica!? :-)
Asian cutie, third from bottom - just wondering if her strict mommy has the whippy, rattan cane in the cupboard for when she returns from detention. The school have already phoned mommy in exasperation!
Wonderful school girlies, thanks.
Brenda and Hubby xx

Njspank said...

Love the panty. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Always love cute naughty school girls! Over the school's announcement system, each one of those cute naughty little school girl teases will please report to the principal office immediately for the day's broadcasted spankings!!! The day's little darlings will be taken over the naughty devil principal's knee (who else were you expecting?), have that little cute teasing short pleated skirt flipped up and given a good panty spanking!!! Any naughty girl caught giggling or having panty wetness during their spanking will result in having their panties pulled down for a twice as long bare bottom spanking to deal with such naughty behavior! Plus after their spankings, all naughty little school girl darlings will sit on their spanked blushing bare bottoms on hard wooden chairs, listening to the principal giving their naughty devil daddy a phone call at work too, detailing their naughty teasing and school spanking to ensure the cute little darlings are dealt with at home too! And they better not be late coming home, naughty devil daddy will be sitting waiting in his favorite spanking chair, gleefully awaiting their return to take his little cute darling school girl over his knee yet again and of course be forgiven for cuddling after enough tears too. After all, naughty school girls have learned their lessons well on how to tease and wrap their naughty devil daddy around their little finger being cute needing to be cuddled and loved. ND =;)