Thursday, September 15, 2016

Japanese Spanking


Anonymous said...

Truly swell and awesome Veronica ! :-)
Yes, spanking is perfect medicine ! I like her tan lines too, and approve of the hairbrush !
My hubby loves the schoolgirls - Oh my, what a lovely pale, fairy-soft botty exposed for just desserts and the ruler Veronica !
Hubby and I have recently been fascinated by all things Japanese - especially spanking ! And largely thanks to your Blog, Veronica.
I do so love the strict Japanese mommies, disciplining naughty daughters with the whippy rattan ! They so remind me of strict, ol' fashioned, Southern mommies in Georgia, Veronica !
Brenda xx

Njspank said...

While I prefer over the lap, I love the panty spankings. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Well nurse, if the tablets do not work I cannot think of anything ealse to prescibe for Miss Whackton ! Six to be given at breakfast and six at bedtime ,both on the bare bottom of course!