Thursday, September 22, 2016

Super Thursday presents: "My Birthday Spanking"

Here are some pics from my recent birthday spanking this past July. Since we had  friends over who may be vanilla, the spanking was not on my bare bottom... sorry guys. :(  I also want to thank our good friend Jacob for doing the filming, he had a huge smile on his face when my hubby told him I was going to get a birthday spanking and asked him to film it for us. :)

Until next year, perhaps I'll invite you.. :)


Anonymous said...

Veronica a belated Birthday greetings from Tim x your friend was lucky .best spanks .

Anonymous said...

Love the timing. My gf is getting her belated bday spanking Saturday, but we will be alone.

I hope you repeat the jeans bday spanking of you at some point btw.

Anonymous said...

Spotty Botty Veronica :-)

Love the sensible, white, cute, lil' "daddy-approved" ankle socks Veronica. They so match your Southern belle's pretty 1950s' dresses (in the cupboard). And your cutey princess shorts shown here.

This spanking is both lush and strict Veronica, as your guests will traditionally appreciate.
Veronica, I have no doubt (and am strictly re-assured) that you felt the sting of the back-of-the-hairbrush on your bare botty later, when the visitors had departed ! A proper smacked bottom from papa, with black spotty shorts and sensible panties pulled down to your knees.

Is it one smack for every year Veronica ? So I am not sure whether getting older is an advantage or disadvantage already ?!! ha-ha
Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday from a lurker.

When I grew up, birthday spankings were a common thing. But one of the mothers got all feminist and deemed it abuse. All of the other mothers followed suit, so this came to an end, at least in public.

I know of at least three girls who I grew up with who developed at least a passing interest in being spanked, or so they told me. Could a birthday been involved in their awakening?

Njspank said...

Now that is a beautiful spanking. Love the outfit.