Thursday, September 8, 2016

"Veronica... Back To School"

 It's that time of year again when schoolgirls all across our land put on those short pleated skirts with knee highs or baby doll socks and cause mischief... yes, and lots of over-the-knee spanking! :)


Anonymous said...

Naughty Lil' schoolgirl next door, our Veronica, is getting her bottom smacked after terrible behaviour on the first day back.
School issued a detention but thankfully, oh my, her daddy, Tony, knows how to deal with her bratty nonsense - with a good old fashioned Texas spanking with the hairbrush. Oh my, on her very bare, sensitive-skinned botty too. Without exception. Harsh but harmless. And oh so right.

For sure, papa Tony has never seen the need to spank through protective fabrics, like Veronica's pretty pink skirts and cotton panties. No need at all folks ! :-)
Brenda xx

Dai Preston said...

Well. This is just friggin' awesome . - Dai

Mike Pahula said...

Bet you the type of school girl who going get spanking everyday before school in school then when come home get another spanking. your day and school day wont be a sucess unless you get OTK spankings right

Anonymous said...

I was standing in our drive talking to the lady next door ,who had moved in recently, when her daughter came past and said she was off to town ,with her friends. Her Mum said not in that short skirt! Go back and change! "Oh don't be a silly old frumpy ,Mummy" she replied ! Her mum caught her by the arm, marched her back to her house ,excusing herself from our chat!. She told her daughter to go upstairs and bring her cane down to the kitchen . A litle later I heard shouting and then many loud cries of pain ,through the open door of their kitchen! Wow, did she get a caning !AR

Njspank said...

My favorite. White panty I hope

Anonymous said...

Ah the happiness and extreme arousal of all the naughty devils just waiting for the cute school girl darlings to tease giving a glimpse of their pretty panties under those cute little short pleated skirts!!! (And this naughty devil loves my school girls in little lacy ankle socks with high heels.) Such cute naughty girls such as you Miss Veronica need to be taken over the knee and have those little pleated skirts flipped up, and having frilly flirty little panties underneath will be just need to be held to feel their softness and get naughty attention during the loving spanking they deserve first before being pulled down to teach the naughty little darling a lesson in the rewards for dressing as such a cute little tease with a long loving bare bottom spanking!!! Of course after her panties down bare bottom over the knee loving spanking, naughty devil daddy being such a softy (although the raging arousal might be deceptive), will always forgive, caress and cuddle his naughty little sweetheart school girl. Those cute little school girl skirts are good reason for year round school to keep the little darlings teasing and naughty devils aroused everyday!!! And of course truly loving naughty devils need to be giving their cute naughty school girls three good bare bottom over the knee spankings daily, first as the teacher in front of the whole class (good effect for all her naughty devil class mates to see what a cute fanny she has), then as the principal in his office, and finally as daddy when he has to come home from work early after a phone call from school on just what his naughty school girl has been doing teasing all day. She'll need the forgiving loving caresses and cuddling after that last tearful spanking for disappointing daddy yet again!!! Now get to class you naughty little cute darling teases, last one there gets the first spanking for being late! And we see you dawdling there Miss Veronica!
As always, wickedly yours, ND =;)

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot being so distracted by the short pleated skirt, hair put into pig tails for the school girl effect is really cute on you too Veronica! ND =;)