Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Oh brother... here we go again :(


Mike Pahula said...

Miss Mrs Veronica what nice cute booty hiney butt you have hope being spanked or getting spanking again what you mean by here we go again

Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica, A super photo of your rear which you are wisely preparing for a sound bare bottom and thigh spanking ! Your bottom looks so good and so ready for the attention of your spanker! Will he use his hands only, or will he use the paddle this time to en sure you are properly spanked. ?! I would love to see an sfter spanking photo .Who would not?!

Dai Preston said...

You look stunning, Veronica. Really. - Dai

Anonymous said...

You are so lovely and gorgeous Veronica. Your bum drives my hubby wild ! (it drives me wild too honey)

Veronica, as a strict, no-nonsense mom in her 50s (and having been raised in a very strict Southern family in the 1960s - things familiar to you and we Southern girls, with faith, community/social mores, strict values and stern domestic discipline at the double !) I have no qualms in fetching my faithful Ouchy stick ...the dreaded, lil' whippy rattan switch so familiar to me growing up... bending naughty lil' princesses over beds, pulling down cute, cotton jammies and reddening very bare, very fair-skinned botties til their bratty lil' owners understand that mommy is sooooo cross !!

I think I am gonna auditon for mommaspankings.com ha-ha (seriously !)

But on this occasion Veronica, I am seeing that Papa Tony has gotten his XXXXXXXXL slipper :-) the one with the hardest, thin, bendy rubber sole. Perfect for naughty daughters ! Bend over that bed young lady you are getting such a good, sound, well smacked bottom already ! Then it's lights out and no treats for you my girl !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

funbailey@yahoo.co.uk said...

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the sorriest girl of all!