Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies. :)


Anonymous said...

The littles spank .

Anonymous said...

Tough Girls have soft bottoms Veronica !

Love Sunday Funnies :-)
Veronica, our girly Superhero, Wonder Woman, first emerged in the early 1940s - strict, Ol' fashioned times eh ?!
When Wonder Woman was naughty as lil' girl growing up at that time, I am sure her mommy, when cross, told her to put her hands on her head so that a pair of cute, cotton shorts could be pulled down. Followed by a lil' pair of white, cotton panties.

Once over mommy's knee, her fairest, bare, tender botty would have been smacked to a shade of ripe tomato with mom's hairbrush. A good Ol' fashioned smacked bottom with the "attitude adjuster".
That's what strict, loving mommies do Veronica ! And that's what my mom did to me.
Soooo good to see it happening to Wonder Woman again here ! It never stops Veronica :-)
Strict Momma Brenda xx