Saturday, October 8, 2016

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my how wonderful Veronica. It's all here today (as always !). Another great selection !

Sunday Funnies - Oh my, too close to home already Veronica ! How strict and cute. Love mommy's whuppin' on the "bear". Yes, Thwip, Thwip, Thwip for sure. But Boo-Hoo, that's exactly how my mommy dealt with yours truly and my lil' sister in the 1960s/70s - the rattan switch to bare botties. Extremely no-nonsense. Oucheeees Veronica !

So love the bath time blues (...and reds !) Great story. Mommy is sooo exasperated. Only one solution Veronica. And I love that third sketching: terrible twins feeling heat to the seat in the absence of protective coverings. Is there any other way Veronica ?
And that cute animation too - strict Japanese style, as always.
How lovely Veronica. Have a swell day !
Strict Momma Brenda xx

Njspank said...

Cute ones thanks

Anonymous said...

The twins are over their mummie s knee each one for a sound spanking ,best spanks Tim x