Thursday, October 27, 2016

Super Thursday Presents: "The Brat Whisperer"

..... Later that day.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, this is sooooo sensational Veronica.From now on I will be the Brat Whisperer ! ha-ha !
I know you featured this artist before in recent months. This is so new and fabulous.

Sooo cute and modern yet so strict and traditional. Just as I like it. I love the way Aunt Clair calmly takes off her belt at the beginning of the sequence (Oh my, Gulp !!) as the story unfolds. She knows how it will end for the brat ! And Veronica, isn't naughty lil' Jodi's tantrum so cutey and delicious ? Puuuuh-Leeeeeze ! Oh I love it Veronica !
The story takes it's time and builds deliciously. And Whap Whap Whap our naughty lil' princess Jodi over Aunty's knee, minus her yellow skirt and with her snuggy, white cotton panties appropriately pulled down. No half-measures for the strap. So stern and lovely ! So strict and traditional (no PC here Veronica)
Oh my, it takes me back to 1960s Atlanta and my mommy's bare botty whuppin's with the rattan switch for sister and lil' ol' me.
Great finding Veronia. I pray for more of The Brat Whisperer.
Strict Mommy Brat Whisperer Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

iam a brat alot i will say iam also niaughty boy alot too i need good spanking iam sure your well aware of that how i need spankin myself iam sure one of these days we going meet iam going end up across your lap as you give me hard spanking with your thick hard hairbrush you going take my pants down blister my ass good i have feeling you are stict hard spanking my butt going be deep red sore when your done i wont be sitting for awhile