Thursday, October 13, 2016

Super Thursday Presents: "Detention in 3D"


Balthazar said...

I have _never_ seen an implement like the one in this series, and I've seen--and made--rather a few. I wanted one immediately. Hard to think of a material that would work without shattering: carbon fiber, you have met your purpose here, perhaps.

The best frame for me was the one with the implement under the remiss miss's chin. That is the essence of the encounter in more ways than I'll take pixels to describe.

Your curation of scenes is as choice as ever, always a pleasure that brings me back to your corner time and again. Takes one to know one that works; you know.

Anonymous said...

Rules got broken, but not the ruler...
So lush Veronica. So swell :-)
Skillful art here.
A stinging bottom does no harm, and will stop her getting into serious trouble when she is older ! :-)
That's a life-long truism for we naughty girls eh Veronica ?
Naughty Brenda xx