Thursday, October 6, 2016

Super Thursday Presents... "An Old-Fashioned Spanking"

Once again this is from an older photo-set but I think you'll still enjoy it. XoXoXo

"I beg you not to spank me." :(


Anonymous said...

Oh Veronca ,you do look as if you are suffering from a good spanking on your super bare bottom !I only wish I could be there to apply a soothing lotion to your stinging botty ! HT

Anonymous said...

Oucheees to botties Veronica !
A spanking needs to be feared and felt !

Oh my, you sure do fear it young lady (photo 2) and with your panties down, you certainly feel that stingy slipper on your lily-white, sensitive bare. Quite right too !
Love the panties being sternly pulled down (photo 3) and your quivering, pale, fairy-soft botty.
And yes, oh my, such a very strict but loving, ol' fashioned Papa who takes no-nonsense from a naughty lil' princess. A very sorry lil' princess too. Job done Veronica. Attitude adjusted ! :-)
Thanks and hugs, Strict Momma Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

Yes i need this an good old fashion otk spanking from the lovely sweet gorgeous beautiful miss Veronica she know i been naughty boy far too long can be correct only when iam over her lap bare bottom as she bring hairbrush down to give me spanking on bare butt

but the photo set you share just as good then ever your looking more cute and beautiful then ever when over tony lap getting the spanking you for sure desver

Njspank said...

Really nice and love the grey panty