Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Vintage Veronica

"Should You Spank Your Teen?"


Mike Pahula said...

yes spank your teenso they odnt become bad people when adult if i was your teen i would want you to spank me all time iam bad teach me become respectable human being i would thank you for spanking me tell you all time spank me made me better person

Anonymous said...

Oh my, the answer is yes young lady !
Veronica, come to my traditonal household and you will find the rattan, whippy, lil' Southern switch in the cupboard. Perfectly designed for he bare, sensitive backsides of naughty lil' princesses !! And one which I was strictly raised with decades ago Boo-Hoo :-( Quite frankly Veronica, you should be raised the same way young lady !

You look so gorgeous and yummy Veronica. I so love your 1950s cutey, cotton, white ankle socks :-) And I wore those growing up too !:-) And oh my, your strict Papa Tony looks so mighty handsome here. Love the chapeau. But I do think he needs a firm, caring, maternal hand to assist with his daughter's tickle tail Veronica. I am not sure the message is getting through ?

Naturally, I would fetch my lil' switch-cane but I have agreed with Papa to fetch his trusty, nasty, Ol' faithful slipper. The one with the hard, thin, bendy, rubber-sole. Dreaded by naughty princesses. I hand it over to him.

But before spanking commences I remember how my mother used to adjust my clothing to prepare me for a whuppin' when I was a naughty lil' girl. And so as a strict, Southern mommy, I raise your pretty Southern belle dress and sadly pull down your cutey, white, 1950s cotton panties. There there Veronica - a tender, unpotected, bare botty ready for just desesrts. No half-measures required. The message will now get through. Good Ol' Southern style.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx