Monday, November 28, 2016

Blushing on both ends... :(


Anonymous said...

Bend over the sofa Veronica ! Mommy is soooo coss. Furious ! How dare you princess !
On my, you are about to discover young lady, that naughty lil' brats who get spanked, are allowed to wear hats covering their heads, but are not allowed to wear panties covering their botties !
Always pulled down to knees for admonishment Veronica. My mommy taught me that harsh rule a long time ago ! :-(
Don't spare the bare mom! And I am now fetching the rattan switch for your unprotected, lily-white backside my girl ! And yes, you will be squealing that you are so sorry and will not be naughty again !
Strict Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

can you pretty please make me blush on both end just like you make my naughty bottom blush with red and deep red sore with spanking then make my face blush red with embrassement i need be blushing both end

Tim . said...

Hello cute cowgirl .,best spanks Tim x hi Brenda too.