Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday's Spankable

                          Smile and have a fantastic weekend...:)


Anonymous said...

Smiling already Veronica. Always smiling. What a great start to the day !
Car wash spanking ! How scrummy :-) My hubby will take this one with hi slipper. Sooo love those bikini bottoms. Fabby bums, oh my !
And I think those last two lovely, soft botties can feel the stinging lesson from mommy's whippy, rattan switch Veronica. But only if they have been naughty of course :-)
Strict Brenda and Hubby xx

Mike Pahula said...

love second pic of all those girls at car washing i want do spanking with all them either they spank me one by one or i spank them all i would love go over the lap of them get hard spanking then when over lap of one the other one can spank me too that hot and huge turn on for me be spanked by all

Anonymous said...

I love the long line of bare bottomed young ladies at the car wash! I would like to walk along and give each a couple of whacks with a paddle , one on each cheek! However it seems that the third girl from th left has already had some strokes with a cane or strap loooking at the marks on her buttocks! TH

Anonymous said...

The girls mummies spank them for showing their botties like this in public ,best spanks , Tim x