Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday morning cartoons...

                  ... and the Sunday funnies. :)


Anonymous said...

Strict mommies know best Veronica !
Sooooo cute :-)
I so love the first animations of strict, loving mommies doing their duty. Absolutely wonderful Veronica !
And naughty daughter number three is definitely trapped as well ! :-)
Funnies is super traditional and strict Veronica - love the way daddy holds up her red dress with his left hand. But why did he not pull her cotton panties down with his right hand at the start ? My daddy always did ! Oucheees :-(
Have a good weekend
Strict Ol' fashioned Mommy Brenda xx

Tim . said...

Srtict mummies spank their naughty daughters and the lil girls daddy spanks her for a smashing time ,Brenda could be bare botties not shown in a kid s comic paper ,best spanks V, and B .