Thursday, November 10, 2016

Super Thursday Presents..."Bare Bottom and Over-The-Knee"

Here is another older photo-set but one of my favorites. This was a no nonsense spanking that took place in the dining room. Tony just pulled down my pants and panties and went right to work on my bare bottom. It felt so good that I climaxed right over his knee but then he spanked me with the hairbrush and that made me cry. :(

First he used his hand and it felt great! :)

This feels so damn good. :)

At this point I had one heck of an orgasm... :)

I knew the fun was over when he produced the hairbrush..

Now my bottom is starting to sting!

I kicked and squirmed like a little girl.

After taking my spanking quite well I was no longer able to hold back my tears. :(


Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica! A super sequence of phots showing your spanking! We can see where Tony changed from hand spanking to using the hairbrush ! What a rotten thing to do ,when you were so enjoying the hand spanking ! I hope he gave you plenty of comforting after ! TH

Anonymous said...

LOVE that facial expression there - the grimace as your gorgeous bare bottom feels the sting of the hairbrush!

Anonymous said...

Again, so hot. What did you do to earn such a strong spanking? Nothing? Or did you deserve it?

Just from your previous postings: You deserved it! Am I wrong?

Nice picture set. And you are so beautiful!


Anonymous said...

"Oh my, how that naughty lil' girl next door gets soundly spanked when she misbehaves", said the strict neighbours approvingly, as they heard the harsh, resounding smacks of father's hairbrush against Veronica's bare soft botty. A job well done in traditional domestic style. We are all so re-assured Veronica :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx