Sunday, December 4, 2016

Can't sit down Sunday :(

The look on my defiant face just before the first blow lands.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you'll be looking so defiant for long, young lady. ;)

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time in Austin, Texas, there lived an earnest, kind, hard-working papa, Tony, who lived with his high-maintenance, precocious lil' princess brat of a daughter, Veronica. Poor Tony was exasperated, Veronica was such a naughty lil' girl !

One Sunday at Chruch, Veronica was misbeahing terribly already: all potty- mouthed and tantrums galore. One of the kind but strict daddies told Tony, that if his daughter behaved in that way, she would find herself getting a good ol' fashioned, panties-down, bare bottom spanking over his knee when they got home. Good and hard with the back of a wooden hairbusbh. No qualms no questions ! That was the rule from day one. It worked..

Tony thought for a moment- was it fair to spank her bare, fairy-soft, sensitive, lily-white botty to the shade of a ripe water melon with the hard hairbrush, instead of sending lil' Veronica to the Naughty Step ?

Oh my, things were about to change for naughty lil' Veronica.

...And they all lived happy ever after !

Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

Bet first blow is alway the hardest give you idea how bad and painful the spanking going be and you had earn iam sure the last blow is not or maybe harder then first spank but i know you get turn on no matter what first blow and on i know you told me you get pleasure from spanking iam sure first blow u get real turn on