Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday's Spankable

Smile and have a great weekend... :)


Anonymous said...

A Christmas hamper already Veronica :-)
My hubby says that the fairest skin on that blonde's botty will match her cutey, red shorts in due course ! Oh my ! Sounds familiar Veronica. And the last girl (super bum) is also preparing for a sound visit from my hubby's nasty, bendy, hard, rubber-soled flip flop. Oucheeees already ! Will she be smiling ?

Naughty princess number two will feel the sting from my traditional, rattan, switchy-stick before bedtime. My 1950s rule is jammies down, bare botties...but she seems to have taken it further Veronica ! :-)
Have a good weekend !
Strict Mommy Brenda and Hubby xx

Anonymous said...

All of these lovely naughty angel darlings need to report to naughty devil Santa's lap this instant for their Christmas bottom blushing wish lists to make the season bright getting a over-the-knee spanking all the night! Ho! Ho! Ho! Next time, the girls report to naughty devil Scrooge for bah humbug over-the-knee spankings cheered on and kept in place by the ghost of naughty Marley and his chains, to be followed with hourly over-the-knee spankings from naughty past, present and future ghosts as the clock tolls the wee hours of the morning. No need to turn on the Christmas lights, the darlings will be having well warmed glowing bottoms in blushing Christmas colors by morning! Enough of the lumps of coal, just what the naughty devil wants for Christmas! Season's Spanking Greetings! ND =;)

jimc said...

I do quite enjoy the poses that you have chosen for the spankables as they do show of their beautiful bottoms quite well. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

Tim . said...

The little cuties will be otks of their mummies for showing off ,best spanks Tim .