Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday's Spankable

Smile and have a great weekend...:)


Anonymous said...

Truly fabby Fridays Veronica - my hubby's favourite !
Last photo...our lil' blubbing princess is waiting for daddy's slipper Veronica. Boo-Hoo. He is real mad ! Oucheees to botty guanranteed.
And lil' missy number 3 has been called home at once by daddy for an appointment with his slipper too. Cutey shorts and cotton panties to knees Veronica. Oh my ! So strict and nasty.

I will deal with naughty, princess brat number 1 Veronica. Well, her backside is bare on the sofa already. So don't I just need to fetch my lil' switchy-stick for her switchy-dance to proceed ?!

But Oh my ! The tan lines are my favourite Veronica (photo 4). Soooooo true to Ol' fashioned living and values as I recall. Strict, nostalgic retro- times. When I was a naughty lil' one (1960s) out came mama's rattan switch, up came my pretty Southern dress, down came my cotton white panties and my prominent tan lines were on full display Boo-Hoo !! :-)

Although in contrast, my soft, tender botty was far more of a paler shade of alabaster- white than this young lady (it still is) Not for long ha-ha ! Harsh days of yore already.
Keep smiling Veronica :-)
Brenda and Hubby xx

Mike Pahula said...

All thes naughty girls are in my spanking dreams to spank or be spank by them i bet they are also into spankings big time i mostly i like top female and 3rd female spank by them sound like fun maybe get double spanking by both after they take turn one at time me over lap have my naughty bare butt being spanked red