Monday, December 19, 2016

He's Back!!! KRAMPUS

It's that time of year when that mean demon rises from the depths of hell... and the worst thing of all????   He's a bona-fide SPANKO!!!


Anonymous said...

Is Krampus the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future Veronica ?
Especially for naughty girls...

Ghost of Christmas Past, picture 1 - Nostalgia stings true Veronica. That is so me as a lil' girl in the 1960s getting punished by the sofa. Not by Santa or Krampus, but by my strict mother with her faith and traditional values. Boo-Hoo. Oh my, a thin, flexible rattan switch, fetched from the cupboard and applied to my bare botty :-( and never to be forgotten
Oh my, I guess Krampus said "don't spare the rod" too Veronica ?!

Ghost of Christmas Present - pictures 2 & 3 are sooooo sexy. Love the green and purple matching feminine tints ;-) Oooh Lush. Oh my, how naughty !
Why is my office party not like this Veronica ?
Ol' fashioned and Nostalgic, Naughty Lil' Christmas girl Brenda xx
...I want to get spanked by Krampus ! :-)

Njspank said...


Anonymous said...

Krampus punishing my lil' daughter after a big tantrum, top cartoon.
Oh my ! I sure would have paid him to visit back in the day, raising my two lil' girls in the 1980s/90s Veronica. To lend a hand with his switch !

I was a hard-working, home-maker mom and I was working full-time (almost) in a big company...and I had to deal with my two lil' daughters' Christmas tantrums already !!
I was the disciplinarian and my hubby used to send my daughters to me to get their botties whooped (!!) after he gotten furious with their tantrums or lil' lies or messing about in the store already ! I was always furious Veronica: out came the dreaded spanky-stick and down came their panties. Bare botties every time. No half-measures !

For sure, I kept the cane in the cupboard Veronica (the switch) but when I was at work I gotten no chance to spank them. Where was Krampus when I needed him to pull down their underwear, hoist their pretty lil' dresses and whip their bare bottoms a good'un just like their mother was sure gonna do when she gotten home from work ?!! Oh My ! Christmas nostalgia. I was so strict with my daughters. But it sure paid off swell Veronica. And in fairness, I gotten raised very sternly and religiously with plenty of CP on my bare bum in the 1960s. Family values and all !
Strict Mom Brenda xx