Monday, December 19, 2016

He's Back!!! KRAMPUS

It's that time of year when that mean demon rises from the depths of hell... and the worst thing of all????   He's a bona-fide SPANKO!!!


Anonymous said...

Is Krampus the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future Veronica ?
Especially for naughty girls...

Ghost of Christmas Past, picture 1 - Nostalgia stings true Veronica. That is so me as a lil' girl in the 1960s getting punished by the sofa. Not by Santa or Krampus, but by my strict mother with her faith and traditional values. Boo-Hoo. Oh my, a thin, flexible rattan switch, fetched from the cupboard and applied to my bare botty :-( and never to be forgotten
Oh my, I guess Krampus said "don't spare the rod" too Veronica ?!

Ghost of Christmas Present - pictures 2 & 3 are sooooo sexy. Love the green and purple matching feminine tints ;-) Oooh Lush. Oh my, how naughty !
Why is my office party not like this Veronica ?
Ol' fashioned and Nostalgic, Naughty Lil' Christmas girl Brenda xx
...I want to get spanked by Krampus ! :-)

Njspank said...