Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I don't care if you've been nice...

I only care if you've been naughty!


Anonymous said...

A spanking is not just for Christmas Veronica ! :-)

My hubby is on the Naughty List...and so am I (apparently)
Veronica, you are sexy Madam Krampus, Strict Mommy Claus. I accept that very sadly, Boo-Hoo, you will tan my soft, alabaster-white Coppertone botty to a vivid Christmas red with momma's hairbrush !
(and then I will get lots of pressies already !)
Naughty Lil' Brenda and Hubby xx

Njspank said...

Holy crap....yes ma'am very naughty...please!
Very hot

Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed to say, I believe I have made that list this year, Ma'am.

Anonymous said...

Look no further , Veronica!! I have sneaked a look at the list and I am almost at the top! I now await your call and expect a sound spanking and I am rubbing my bottom in anticipation of going over your knees ! TH

Mike Pahula said...

Yes iam on the list of being Naughty as i look in your eyes telling you i been naughty boy Miss Veronica i know what you do to naughty boys you spank them hard on their bear bare butt after take pants down teach me them good lesson

i remeber all those other painful time i spend over your lap as you spank me so hard my butt was red sore for months i dont seem learn my lesson which why i spen more time over your lap i should just behave better huh

Anonymous said...

So, uhm... No... I do not ...uhm ... think ... my name ... is on ... the naughty list! I think my name should be on the nice list- OK? Can you check? I am sure it is there. Maybe - check again, I am sure it is there. No? it should be there! No? I do not understand!

Well even if it is not there, I am sure that my name should be! So ... we will just go with that, OK?
So, NOT on the naughty list. And you do not need the hair brush, OK? Right? Right?


Love your Blog!


Tim . said...

Yes us boys are going otks Miss V . as you give big sound crisp spanks ,Best Spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

Now Miss Santa Veronica, you know your naughty devil has been on the naughty list every day of the year so I'll just have to keep getting back in line 365 times to be taken over your silky knees again and again!!! Move over Rudolph, a very red bare bottomed naughty devil is making the season bright over Miss Santa babydoll's knees staying warm getting good long spankings tonight!!! Merry Spankmas Miss Santa!!! ND =;)