Saturday, December 24, 2016

It's Christmas Eve

Tony and I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas eve, so have fun and party on but please do not drink and drive this holiday season. We want you all to have the very best of times but also the safiest. We love you all... XoXo

What's Christmas eve without a spanking...  :) 


Anonymous said...

Thank you Veronica... Merry Christmas to you and Tony and to all readers

Oh my, you look sooooo gorgeous girl :-) I love the minor hint of your red panties down and bare white botty (love lil' details making a big difference) - super strict, paternal and Ol' fashioned as always.

I am so ready for strict Santa, Veronica. Are you ?
My hubby has placed my very own trusty, whippy rattan switch by the Christmas tree. He has said I am on the Naughty List. Boo- Hoo :-(

I am well prepared Veronica - I am wearing six pairs of sensible 1950s white cotton panties underneath my pink, snuggy, fleecy, cotton, princess PJs. Ha-ha. Savvy lil' missy eh ?!
But my hubby shook his head and muttered something rather, it was not my panties or jammies that misbehaved ?
What does this mean Veronica ?
Gulp ! Oh my, Boo-Hoo...will my tender Coppertone botty be okay ?....
Naughty Lil' Brenda and Hubby xx

Anonymous said...

While spanking and smiling aren't necessarily going to happen simultaneously, you have such a nice smile that I'd love to see it more often.

Happy Holidays and thanks for so many great pix.

Tim . said...

Happy Christmas and spanks from Tim x

Anonymous said...

Two perfect positions for you darling naughty angel Miss Veronica, naturally over-the-knee and sitting on forgiving Santa daddy's lap for cuddling. I usually have my angels sit on my lap after their naughty spankings to be forgiven, cuddled and loved, now were you being naughty sitting on Santa daddy's lap that you needed to have another over-the-knee spanking after sitting on his lap or were the pictures in reverse order? I'm sure this will be repeated with ringing in the New Year with another spanking at midnight, before or after the kiss or as naughty devils should know better by now (and hope for too!), you'll be getting over-the-knee spankings both before and after your Happy New Year's kiss. And of course you and Tony must maintain this as a time honored tradition throughout the years to come. Merry Christmas and to all, a good spanking! ND =;)