Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Reading my Blog..

Once again I'm reading my blog and enjoying all the wonderful comments you all leave. Thank you. XoXoXoXo


Njspank said...

Your are so pretty

Anonymous said...

I look forward each day to see what you put in next. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Truly scrumptious. You look gorgeous Veronica. So lush and divine !
Oh my, I am real mad about your bratty, potty-mouthed tirade in the store already.
Stand up young lady...hands on head, lil' black dress lifted, white cutey cotton panties to knees, whippy rattan switch to bare botty ! Harsh but fair.

Yes, Veronica, my girl, our soft, tender bottoms were provided by God and Nature for discipline my girl ! And I am inspired by the new "Mommy's hairbrush for Harley"
How dare you Veronica :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Always happy to add some naughty amusing thoughts to express this Naughty Devil's appreciation of you and your poor luscious spanked bottom's daily efforts to entertain and inspire our love of naughty loving over-the-knee spankings, both given and received by you and other charming ladies. You deserve many more loving spankings to come and don't forget to include having forgiving cuddling affection afterward to feel better as spanking is a very loving part of foreplay too dear. Loving naughty devil daddy's always forgive and cuddle with their darlings sitting on their lap after getting (and giving!) a good loving over-the-knee bare bottom spanking for darling babydoll to get all her crying out and feel loved. Many xoxoxo's to you too Veronica, ND =;)

Mike Pahula said...

Ya Welcome for My comments i left on your blog your blog alway one of my favorite blog to check out see your post iam huge big fans of yours alway will be i know in my heart we will some day meet in person so can spend some time over your lap i may be nervous but be worth it knowing i got spanked by beautiful sweet ms Veronica i know dont alway have time to reply to our comment on blog your busy alot i respect even accept that but alway cool fun when you do respond

Tim . said...

Thank you V . for your great blog ,best spanks Tim x