Saturday, December 17, 2016

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies. :)


Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious, that second one is perfection ;)

Happy Holidays to you, Veronica, you'll always be on my naughty list :D

And happy holidays to all your readers too!

Ms. Ash

Njspank said...


Tim . said...

The girls are otks being spanked by their Mummy 2 sisters so it s double Spanks Veronica a strange one with the boy with green hair bare bottied being spanked ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

Yes, oh my, I so love this strict, loving, Ol' fashioned mommy (after my own heart !) in cartoon 2. Tanning the sensitive, lily-white, Copertone bottoms of her naughty daughters. So conservative and cute. Stern but lovely !

Oh my, Veronica, those daughters' huge, white, sensible cotton panties remind me of my clothes in the 1960s ha-ha !! Boo-Hoo. My mommy bought my sister and me 1950s style, Ol' fashioned lil' madam outfits - yellow and pastel blue dresses (especially for Church), cutey shorts, hair ribbons, and those traditional, fleecy, white cotton underpanties (yuk!)
Remember those Veronica ? Or had they disappeared by the 1970s ? They were like shorts already...and mommy always pulled these snuggy, underpanties down when a naughty lil' bare botty needed a visit from her dreaded switchy-stick !! :-(
So strict and fiercely traditional Veronica ! Cute but cringing.

Oh I wish I could have worn those fabulous, rebelliously cute, princess panties in Cartoon 1 - green cotton, with cartoon paw prints :-) But it's good to see a strict modern mom pulling them down for a smacked bottom. Ol' fashioned values prevail Veronica !
Love mom's spotty red onesey and goggles - I will ask my hubby for those for Christmas :-)
Strict, Ol' fashioned mommy Brenda xx