Saturday, December 24, 2016

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies. ;)


Anonymous said...

Lovely picture of you over Santa's knee, Veronica. That will happen tonight ! :-)
Happy Sinterklaas - Oh my, a favourite of 2016 for me Veronica. So strict, so traditional and so Christmassy ! Love it already.

Traditional, hard-working Mommy is so cross and has bought Ann and Jessica appropriate presents to reward them for their tantrums and behviour ha-ha :-(

Mommy is immediately unwrapping (gifts and tender botties !!) and using the presents in the appropriate, Ol' fashioned way ! Boo-Hoo...
A strict, loving mommy after my own heart Veronica !!
The Christmas message is getting through to naughty Ann, Oucheees; and Jessica's pale botty is trembling with fear in her PJs. Love the upper and lower redskins already Veronica

And so for Christmas Eve Veronica. Hang on to the waistband of your jammies (for dear life) when Santa arrives with his hairbrushes and canes. Better still, hide !
But if you are standing with hands on head , Boo-Hoo, while your PJs are pulled down; then shake your smooth, round, fairy-soft botty and kick your lush, velvety legs all you can my girl ;-)
Do not make it easy for strict Santa to spank a naughty girl on the list.

But surely Tony will protect you Veronica ? He will not want to see his lil' girl get her bare bottom soundly smacked on Christmas Eve by Santa Claus ?!

Happy Christmas
Strict Mommy Brenda and Hubby xx

Tim . said...

The Mummies are spanking their daughters and sons for naughtiness even at Christmas ,festive spanks , Tim x

Anonymous said...

Spankings are not just fro Christmas Veronica !

Oh my, I can sure relate to that strict, kind mother - Happy Sinterklaas - dealing with two naughty daughters. That caring mom has my respect Veronica. I so remember back in the 1980s/90s raising my two young, lil' daughters and also working hard, full-time (almost) in a large Company. I was busy for sure.

As a traditionl mom, I had zero time, zero patience and zero tolerance for tantrums or misbehavior Veronica. When i was nice I was very very nice, but when I gotten mad my daughters sure gotten whooped ! My hubby was not very discipline focused and even used time-outs!! But when I was there they gotten corporal punishment for sure. No messing !

So love the idea of these traditional, stingy "botty smackers" being given as gifts and used on sensitive bare skin Veronica. With jammies/panties pulled down for traditional harsh whippings on bare bums. I kept the dreaded cane in the cupboard for my girls. For sure I always bared their bottoms -just as my mother did with me and my younger sister, back in the 1960s...sound whuppin's on the bare, the Christian way Veronica, as my mom used to say. Christmas mommy-approved message sure gotten through !! As this lovely mom here knows.
Strict Mom Brenda xx