Monday, December 26, 2016

Some Vintage Spanking :)


Mike Pahula said...

late betty page is model on bottom pic being spanked she was into spanking as spanker or spankee i would love be spanked by female spanker in top and bottom pic

Anonymous said...

A world of black and white...and when naughty bottoms were very red.
Lovely rosy tinted nostalgia Veronica. And rosy bottoms too !
Oh my ! We sexy ladies of a certain age (I'm in my 50s) remember times when bare bottom whuppin's were a fact of life. Just part of growing up, Veronica.

I recall my strict 1950s upbringing every day Veronica. A world of black and white photos. Of Church and strict Southern faith. Of Ol' fashioned conservative princess dresses and cutey lil' shorts. Of ribbons in my hair. Of sensible, snuggy, white cotton panties. Of strict, traditional family values and social mores.

...Of sensible bathing suits and prominent princess tan lines and our alabaster-whiter-than-white, lil' chubby, Coppertone bottoms. Of limited freedom. Of traditional tantrums. Of mommy "not sparing the rod". Of mommy's flexible rattan switch in the cupnoard Gulp !...Boo-Hoo...always administered on the sensitive, bare skin of our botties :-(

Vintage stings your botty Veronica !

Oh my, yes, Veronica. So love the vintage. Oucheeees ! For my sister and me and my lil' missy-princess peers, it was actually the 1960s, not the 1950s. But nothing had changed. And hey, who's counting already ?! :-)
Naughty Lil' Vintage Daughter Brenda xx

Njspank said...