Thursday, December 29, 2016

Super Thursday presents: "Detention"


Michael Healy said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic art Veronica, thank you.
The detailed expressions and body postures are truly excellent.
Oh my, love the second picture - cutey Daisy Duke shorts carefully unfastened in preparation !
Oucheees - takes me back to the 1960s Veronica, as a naughty lil' girl getting mommy's switchy-stick :-(

Oh yes, my lil' pair of shorts were taken down....followed by a lil' pair of panties. Boo-Hoo crying :-(
My naughty, chubby, white botty duly exposed of course. Unforgettable but strictly routine back then Veronica !
Naughty Lil' Daughter Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

OK - That's hot!

But the teacher, with the (extremely) low cut blouse, needs to be the next person to be spanked!

I don't want her to change her blouse - I really like it - I just think she needs a really good spanking.

Just sayin'!


Mike Pahula said...

Love be in dentention with you either as another student or you as strict teacher givng me punishment spanking with paddle or can or regular otk spankin punishment you punishing me in front of other student in room or aid or other female teacher princpal etc i can count out the swats too as you delver them to my bare butt
maybe u get punish me as teacher look on as u able conivnce her you were innonecne i got you in trouble was all my fault we both therein dentention

Tim . said...

V. the strict teacher is whacking the girls in Detention class ,best spanks Tim x