Thursday, December 1, 2016

Super Thursday presents: "Kiss The Slipper Goodnight"

I refused to kiss him goodnight since I didn't get my way earlier! He knew I was angry at him and so after a day of bratty behavior he felt the need to reintroduce me to his nightie night implement... THE SLIPPER!


Tim . said...

Ouchies the slipper ,parents and teachers used it a few years ago ,best spanks Tim in U.K. x

Mike Pahula said...

wouldnt mind handing you your slipper to give me an otk slipper spanking as you order me over your lap and pants pull down bare butt slipper spanking then you had you thick hard hairbrush to spank my naughty butt

Anonymous said...

Oucheees to botties !
Hard, rubber-soled slipper against tender bare botty is what every naughty lil' princess brat fears when daddy is cross. Quite right too Veronica. I sooo approve. And the big noise re-assures ol' fashioned neighbours who worry about your learning too young lady !
Good to see your tantrums are well rewarded in traditional, strict, loving style missy !
Oh my, I love those ever-so cutey shorts. Down they come for smackabotties !!

Love your fairy-soft, fairest-white, chubby backside Veronica. Yummy target. Looking so sensitive and vulnerable over daddy's knee. Superlative all round Veronica :-)
Love too, you standing still in the last photo. Halting your slipper-dance just for a moment as the hornets nest numbs your punished red bot !!
Strict Mommy Brenda xx