Sunday, January 22, 2017

Can't sit down Sunday :(

Plump bottom in tight jeans :)

Plump bottom and no jeans :(


Anonymous said...

Always a wonderful sight, jeans spanking and then bare bottom, to a most deserving recipient, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Your sexy, plump bottom in tight jeans is sooooo lush Veronica. Gorgeous girl. What a fashion statement !
But oh my ! Yes young lady, a plump bottom with no jeans and no panties is required for strict, loving discipline from a traditional, Ol' fashioned papa like Tony ! :-)

Veronica, strict Tony will tell you already - that it was not your jeans or panties that had misbehaved missy ! :-(
Or as my strict mommy used to say to me and my sister (and to other moms, embarrassingly !!) back in the days of yore - bare botties are needed at bath times and spanking times !!
Oh dear Veronica. Gulp ! :-(
Ol' fashioned Brenda xx