Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday's Spankable

Celebrating naughty schoolgirl... XoXo


Tim . said...

Veronica they are cute schoolie girls with cute botties ,best spanks , Tim x

Anonymous said...

Veronica, your wonderful blog has gotten me into Japanese spanking themes for sure ! Thank you. And my hubby likes the schoolgirl theme best :-)

I just love those strict, loving Japanese mommies with their traditional, whippy, rattan canes at home Veronica. Especially designed for the bare, soft botties of their naughty daughters ! Strict households Veronica !

Oh my, it was the same for me back in Georgia when I was growing up. And those strict, traditional Southern moms Veronica ! ....especially mine. Oucheees :-( The similarities are scary, but compelling !!

Check out new Strictmoor Academy Year 1, Scene 7 Veronica. I like Scene 3 best ( fabulous mommy/daughter realistic discipline. Hands on head. Panties to knees. White botty going red !
Brenda and Hubby xx

Anonymous said...

Oh how the naughty devil principal just loves having cute little naughty school girls report to his office! Those little darlings are promptly taken over-the-knee to have those flirty little skirts flipped up for initial panty spankings to only be slid down those silky little legs for a good bare bottom hand spanking while scolding her to tears to learn to be a good girl and not flirt with the naughty devil boys bending over in front of them in her little short pleated skirt showing off her pretty panties and cute fanny unless she wants them to see what a good spanking she just got. Of course after her spanking is complete with a nice cute glowing red fanny, naughty devil principal will need to console and cuddle the naughty flirting little darling on his lap to get their tearful promises to be a sweet little good girl for the rest of the day until tomorrow's lesson for her next loving spanking for showing off yet another pair of pretty panties under her flirty little naughty short pleated skirt! Thank heaven such naughty little sweet dream girls and for whoever designed those little naughty darling short pleated school girl skirts to tease and blaze the wicked heart of a naughty devil!!! ND =;)