Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday's Spankable

Smile and have a great weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

Always smiling Veronica, thank you :-)
My hubby and his strap will deal with the sorority situation, photo 3 ;-)
And oh my, I will deal with those naughty lil' missies on their palest, fairy-soft, chubby botties on the tour bus (photo 2)....soooo love those cutey, pinky, sporty shorts. And Oh my, not providing any protection from Brenda's mommy-approved lil' traditonal, rattan, switchy-stick.
Oucheeeees to tender botties Veronica - Ol' fashioned, Southern-momma style already. Boo-Hoo !
They will behave on the journey eh Veronica ?
Brenda and Hubby xx

Anonymous said...

A delightful set of naughty girl photos! however only six college girls for spanking and caning !I can only conclude that discipline is very lax at the college! I would expect at least a dozen to be lined up for the cane or spanking! I thought the fifrst girl in the l must be cooling her bottom after a visit to the Head! THe last girl is trying to be very superior and needs to be brought down to earth with a good smack bottom! TH

Tim . said...

Plenty of botties to spank here .