Monday, January 16, 2017

I may be sassy...

....but always sexy.. xoxo


Tim . said...

Sassy and cute ,best spanks Veronica from Tim x

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Bare botties on parade for sassy lil' brats.
Oh my, you are so sexy and sassy Veronica. And so cute already !
But strict, loving mommies are concerned with your care, nurturing and guidance at all times.
Veronica, when lil' brats are naughty, cute, pretty dresses are raised, and a lil' pair of panties are pulled down for a good, hard, mommy-approved spanking with the back of a traditional wooden hairbrush. And on a very bare, tender, fairy-soft botty too ! :-(
Strict stinging discipline of old young lady !
Is that clear Veronica ? Do you understand ?!
Strict, loving mommy Brenda xx

Brett said...

Tell me something I don't know. ;)

Anonymous said...

Of course Veronica, you being such a sassy naughty girl teasing is very sexy and that just incites naughty devil's desire to spank you over-the-knee with the thrill of pulling up your little skirt to see what those silky legs lead up to and feel that soft little sassy bottom presented right where you belong in perfect display! And of course a sassy sexy little darling is irresistible to forgive, cuddle and love when she needs comforting after a naughty over-the-knee spanking with such a cute blushing bottom! ND =;)