Wednesday, January 4, 2017

More 'GREAT" art!!!


Anonymous said...

Window undressing - that's how you do it Veronica !
Terrible twins have a tantrum in the store - so mommy deals with them in the only way she knows how. I soooo approve of her trusted technique Veronica :-)

Oh my, truly fabulous art Veronica. That is so my mother ! ha-ha.
Actually, in reality, my mommy waited until she got my sister and me back home. And then she fetched the switch from the cupboard and yes, our botties were always bared in privacy.

That was retail therapy for naughty lil' daughters who threw tantrums in the store...strictly 1960s style Veronica !
Still fashionable Veronica !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

An excellent Art item ! It is so graphic and I liked the already spanked young lady beautifully, shown as she rubs her bum! That surely deserves some extra spanks !TH

Tim . said...

The girl s mummie was shown up in the shop so she is spanked by her parent for bratty behaviour ,best spanks Tim x

smuccatelli said...

Nice! Looks like the work of "H-Bum", a truly remarkable artist. Nice premise too!