Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies. :)

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Anonymous said...

What Lovely super-hero mommies Veronica ? Ol' fashioned, strict, loving attitude adjustment for lil' brats.
Cartoon 1- mommy is so focused and purposeful Veronica. The hornets nest is building. Love naughty daughter's protests ! Oucheeees mommy. Please Noooo !

And oh my, cartoon 3 - mommy is soooo cross. Exasperated at lil' missy's tantrums.
Al fresco spankings Veronica ? Some things just cannot wait young lady eh ?!

Many moons ago (forgive pun already!) I saw my lil' princess friends get their fairest-white, chubby bums bared and smacked by their furious moms in the park, mall, store and parking lot. A traditional Southern maternal technique of yore Veronica, as you well know !

Surprisingly, I did not get spanked outdoors by mom back in the day (I wish I had ha-ha, my hubby obliges now) but Oh my, yours truly gotten in serious trouble on reaching home - a lil' pair of cute, cotton shorts would have to come down, followed by a lil' pair of white cotton panties. And I gotten a good mommy-approved Georgia whuppin' on my bare botty with the rattan, switchy-stick !! Far worse than al fresco for sure ! :-(

Happy Spanky Weekend to you and Tony, Veronica.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx