Thursday, January 26, 2017

Super Thursday presents: "La colegiala traviesa"

"The Naughty Schoolgirl"


Anonymous said...

Somebody PUH-LEASE translate this for us.

Carl H

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Oh my, Oh my !....naughty Veronica. Is this you ? :-) Is this the best ever ?!...(I always seem to say that on your blog ha-ha !)
Sooooo cute. Sooooo strict. Love it !
I obviously approve of the strict mommy ("mami") central to the story !

"Bwaaaaa, Whaaaaa, Dueleeee", the naughty, lil' cutie-pie brat gets the message Veronica. What lovely cute expressions. Crying and so many Boo-Hoos - her poor sensitive botty ! :-) Just desserts I say ! She's doing the brat's switchy dance Veronica !

Veronica, right now in fantasy and role-play, my husband is the strict Director Verdugo and I am of course naughty lil' Senorita Carolina Rodriuez. But in reality, back in the 1960s, this how my mommy, strict Senora Rodriguez , punished me at home. A dreaded, flexible rattan switch on my bare botty (!!) was the routine, traditional, tough love in days of yore growing up for my sister and me - "don't spare the rod" already ! :-( Oh my, the memories.

So wonderful Veronica ! You are our wonderful spanking curator ! :-)
Nostlagic Naughy Lil' Senorita Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Even without a translation we can guess most of the story!It is a fantastic set of photos ad portrays a caning from the head master taking place very well !I liked the girl taking down her pants and her reactions to the caning! Is she being led away for further punishment from from her House Mistress?! TH

Tim . said...

Very strict there indeed ,besy spanks Tim x