Thursday, January 19, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "Veronica's Midterm Report"

Yes folks we are half way done with the school year and Veronica is failing miserably! Her father just received the news from her school and he is quite livid!!! Not only does she have all C's and D's but she constantly disrupts the class, talks back to her teachers and on occasion ditches school all together to be with her boyfriend. What's a father to do???  I think it's time to get old-fashioned on Veronica's bottom. :)

"What do you have to say for yourself young lady?"

Bad attitude Veronica.

Over-the-Knee for this young lady.

Defiant to the end!

Getting down to the root of all evil... Veronica's bottom.

Now she's learning something!

Veronica's bottom was bruised for several days... 

Another angle :)

Did she learn her lesson? We'll all find out come June.


Anonymous said...

Veronica's seat of learning !
I so agree with your father Veronica !
And oh my, "the root of all evil...Veronica's bottom"...I so love that ! Ha-Ha :-)
You are so right as always Veronica, young lady. As my mommy used to say when I was a lil' girl, our bottoms were "provided by God and Nature" for strict, loving discipline. Scary but true back then and true today Veronica :-(
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Show us the tears of remorse and lesson learned

Unknown said...

You really think you'd learn after the first time across that knee...!

Anonymous said...

Something has to keep the cute school girls in line before they turn mean!

Anonymous said...

Well Miss Veronica, next time this naughty behavior and poor performance is reported, before sending you home to your father, as an example you should be dealt with by having the naughty devil teacher give you a good long over-the-knee bare bottom spanking with your panties pulled down in front of the whole class! Then when your loving naughty devil daddy gets the phone call at work and has to come pick you up from school, you will be marched into the house and promptly put over his knee again for the second time! That skirt will be pulled up and panties pulled immediately to inspect the first spanking's effects, obviously too pale a blush so very angry and disappointed naughty devil daddy will brighten that sassy little naughty fanny to a much brighter shade of red with a good hard long hand spanking before it's time for the brush and belt! When you're truly sorry crying and promise to behave, then just maybe it will be cuddling time to sit and cry with your well spanked bottom on daddy's lap; no matter how naughty and long a spanking you may need, loving naughty devil daddy will always forgive and love his naughty little cute babydoll school girl. ND =;)

Colin said...

Hi, I've not been here for more than a year, it's really good to see that you're still going strong.
My very best to you and yours.
Colin xxx