Monday, February 27, 2017

Getting down UK style :)


Anonymous said...

"Right young lady, prepare for some lines. Put on your school hat and pull down your panties. Oh yes, on the bare botty. How dare you disrupt my class Veronica" :-)
Schoolgirl is my hubby's favourite genre Veronica. Oh my ! He loves this already.

This was how I was raised at home Veronica, although momma's rattan switch was much thinner and whippier. And she always pulled my panties down, to sting on the bare :-(
At least I did not have to wear a hat ! Except for Church sometimes. With my pretty, lil' Southern belle dress. Oh my !!
Naughty Lil' Brenda and Hubby xx

Anonymous said...

Naughty devils just love naughty British school girls!!! Is it the accent? the naughty cute flirty schoolgirl uniforms? the cheeky attitude? the cheeky fannies? always getting naughty spankings? All the above, of course!!! Got to love them and for fun with their humor, pardon me, that's humour for a proper English spelling, how about a Royal Over-The-Knee Spanking Jubilee, by formal decree and invitation with formal attire and outlandish hats required, of course! That should make their daily tabloids' constant naughty news! Jolly good, love!!! ND =;)