Thursday, February 2, 2017

Super Thursday presents: "Legs, Legs, Kicking Legs"

Those of you who have been following my blog know that when I was a teenager I used to be a leg model. I do take pride in my legs and really enjoy showing them off. :) Of course Tony doesn't always agree with how I show them off especially when it comes to certain fashionable attire that I enjoy wearing but oh how he loves when I kick them while I'm across his lap.  (Sorry for the quality but this is from a much older photo-set.)  XoXo!

I like teasing him with my legs. :)

"Honey, whats that hard lump I feel pressing on my tummy?"

This was a nice spanking and I think the poor darling just came in his pants. :)


Anonymous said...

Morning, hot legs young lady. How dare you flaunt your lush assets like that ! Poor Tony :-)
You are smiling already. You gotten off too lightly young lady. I am gonna send Tony my whippy, lil' switchy-stick for sterner stuff over his knee !

You will be doing the traditional, Southern switchy dance after feeling that on your bare, soft hiney Veronica. Ouceeees ! Like a swarm of bees landing on your unprotected, lily-white, chubby, princess botty !! :-(
It's strictly mommy-approved and quite right too, for right lil' madams !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Dai Preston said...

Okay. You need to contain your enthusiasm. Bad girl don't smile more broadly with each swat of her spanking. Someone might get the crazy idea that you are enjoying yourself! - Dai

Anonymous said...

Love seeing you smile and with your hair flying as you tease kicking those sensuous silky legs during your over-the-knee spankings. Naughty devil would love to run his fingers lightly up sensuous silky legs to tease so naughty girl gets nice wet panties before they're slid down midway through her loving over-the-knee spanking. Happy aroused naughty devil creaming his pants just thinking about that! ND =;)