Thursday, February 23, 2017

Super Thursday presents: "Lost and Found"

OMG!...... I found these photos the other day and I'm so happy that I can share them with you. These are almost twenty years old and I forgot I even had them. Not sure who the photographer was but I think it was our old friend Walt who took them. Tony had so much hair back then too... LMAO!  Don't tell him I said that. :)


Tim . said...

Thanks Veronica for sharing with your spanky friends lovey ,your botty is receiving sound spanks still ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

Super photos Veronica ,displaying your lovely well rounded bare bottom for our delight! With all the hair I am sure it means he was stronger and able to spank you longer, and more sharply back in those days! TH

Anonymous said...

And you're still being spanked over his knee regularly twenty years later, now that's a happy spanking marriage any naughty devil would love! ND =;)

Anonymous said...

Poor father Tony and the naughty lil' girl next door.
Papa Tony had passed sentence long ago, back in the store. Veronica is such a naughty lil' girl and a sound spanking awaited her on reaching home. Tantrums are not tolerated !

Oh my, it was spontaneous and fierce. Daddy was real mad. Our lil' Veronica's trainers stayed firmly in situ, unlike her cutey denim shorts and panties, which were immediately pulled down to her knees.

In this strict, Texas house, punishment is always metered out on the sensitive bare skin of Veronica's naughty botty. Oh my, it is the only way folks. Proper paternal discipline of the traditional kind ! "Don't spare the bare" is Papa's mantra.
For sure, the neighbours can hear it. But Tony has no worries, domestic justice is being administered on the place provided.

Wonderful bum Veronica - delicious ! :-)

Veronica, do check out latest Strictmoor Academy series one, scene 10 on Dana Specht is a hero Veronica. Hands on head. Panties down. And big, bare, white schoolgirl botties reddened OTK in realistic fashion. Oh my :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx