Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A classic spanking..


Anonymous said...

The Good Ol' Days Veronica ?! The golden age of the good smacked bottom.
Veronica, being in my 50s, I am fortunate (unfortunate ? ha ha) to have been raised in a strict Southern household at a time when the world was in black and white...and naughty bottoms were red !!

Talking of Ol' times Veronica, check out final part of Strictmoor Academy Part 1 Scene 12 sarahgregoryspanking.com. Oh my, the trailer shows Mrs Cooper smacking the girls' bare botties with he whippiest of whippy, thin rattan switchy-canes - just like the rattan switch my mom used on my bare bum in days of yore :-( and like the rattan switch I have in my cupboard for you Veronica, young lady !!

Wonderful narration too. And the trailer shows all naughty girls lined up with hands on heads and their pale, fairy-soft botties ready and bare ! Oh my, the stern, retro-feel makes you quiver Veronica !
Nostalgic Brenda xx

Tim . said...

From a movie or a still ,best spanks Tim x