Monday, March 6, 2017

I'm sorry for being such a naughty girl....


Mike Pahula said...

yea yea yea sure you right you love when naughty girl casue you love spankings love being over Tony lap for your hard strict spankings right mrs Veronica

if your sorry being naughty girl then iam sorry for being naughty boy i dont think you should spank me i bet wouldnt work you grab hairbrush in angry strict tone tell me drop my pants get over your lap for hairbrush spankings hard

Anonymous said...

Well Veronica how many times have heard that one, as an excuse to avoid a smacked botty ! How many believe it? I would say about 10 out your many readers! So over my knees for a good spanking, you naughty girl ! TH!

Anonymous said...

A hornets nest dropped on a tender bare botty is the only solution young lady !!!

"Sorry blah blah blah, Sorry" ...Oh my, I used to say that to my mommy when I was a naughty lil' girl back in the 1960s Veronica.
She would be standing in front of me with the "botty smacker" - the dreaded, whippy lil' rattan switch that lived in the cupboard for two naughty daughters' sensitive (bare) backsides.

Oh my, she made me put my hands on m head. And mom's hands went to the waistband of those cutey, lil' pinky, flannel shorts Veronica :-) Your cute pinky cotton shorts have elasticated waistbands and no zips or buttons. So mommy could quickly grasp the waistband of those shorts and also simultaneously, the waistband of my cotton white under-panties (those full-bottomed, large Ol' fashioned 1950s panties)
And with one big tug....Nooooo !....I would feel the cool air on my botty. Waaaah Mommy !

As you know Veronica, cool air on the unprotected botty is the scariest moment for a naughty lil' girl, facing a whuppin'. Pinky cotton shorts and white cotton panties are pulled down to knees together in one tug. Rapid baring technique. Shortly followed by the slow, terrible, hornets nest on the botty, AKA, I gotten mother's whippy, rattan spanky-stick !

Veronica, I do not do naughty steps or PC and so with your white cotton panties and lil' pink shorts around your knees, I will take you over my knee and thwippy-thwip-thwip-thwippy-thwip-thwip the rattan switch against the soft sensitive skin on your botty. I will not stop Veronica. You will be screaming the house down. But the ferocious sting of the hornets nest is harmless Veronica. Strict mommies know this. A well-smacked, stinging bottom is harmless !!!

Oh yes, countless flicks of the thin, whippy, lil' switch on bare backsides builds the sting. Safe and appropriate. It is strict , kind and loving punishment young lady. And oh my, it's just how mommy raised me and my sister when we were naughty back then. No need to change Veronica !!!
Strict Ol' fashioned Mommy Brenda xx

Tim . said...

We don t mind thay lovey ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

And since the spanking chair is all ready, it's time to pull down those little short shorts and panties and take you over my knee for a good bare bottom spanking young lady!!! Come here this instant, you know the rules, naughty little cutie girls get long hard over-the-knee spankings to tears before being cuddled and forgiven sitting on naughty devil's lap! And if you promise to be real good and not cry too much, naughty devil might make your cute blushing bare bottom bounce giving you a naughty horsey ride straddling my knee. Naughty devil always loves making cute spanked naughty sweethearts giggle again too!!! ND =;)