Wednesday, March 1, 2017

More "GREAT" artwork :)

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Anonymous said...

So lush Veronica - have you and Tony got the outfits ? :-)
Naughty Super-hero gotten her ass whooped...

Veronica, young lady, it shows that even the hardest princesses in the land, the most resilient of super-hero madams, and the fittest, most athletic of toughy lil' Ninja missies....Well, Oh my oh my, we all sure have the softest, fairy-sensitive skin found on our botties don't we ? No escaping eh ?

And when we are naughty Veronica, this special place needs exposing already; for a good Ol' fashioned, over the knee, panties down, bare bottom spanking. It is our essential correction. Our loving care, learning and guidance Veronica ! :-)

Talking of "heat to the seat", check out brand new trailer this week, for Strictmoor Academy Scene 11 on
Oh my, what a naughty lil' daughter over mommy's knee Veronica. The hands on head and green panties pulled down by mommy in the trailer is absolutely sensational Veronica :-) Oh my, takes me back to 1960s Georgia at home with my strict mom :-( Boo-Hoo. Oucheeees.
Brenda xx