Thursday, March 16, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "I Spanked and He Came!!!" :)

Several years back I took Tony across my lap for a good old-fashioned hand spanking. After the spanking was over he lifted himself off me and I noticed several ounces of milky white semen on my dress and leg... that naughty boy!!!

"Are you ready for your spanking young man?"

"I'll teach you a good lesson over my knee!"

"You won't sit down for a week."

"I hope you learned your lesson, now get up."

"Omigosh!!! He jizzed all over me!!!"


Anonymous said...

Do we form a queue Veronica ?
My hubby will be near the front already !
Brenda and Hubby xx

Mike Pahula said...

alway ready for my spanking by sweet gorgeous mrs Veronica i know may hurt be painful i know you have my best intrested at heart be for my own good

Can you spank me or making spanking last to where cant sit 2 weeks 1 week be too short lol i know you would make spanking hurt to last 1 week but 2 week be good measure make my bare butt really hurt to where remeber you spanking me

iam alway ready to learn my lesson give me my spanking mrs veronica i been naughty boy beat spank my ass untll i learn lesson and you feel i had learn it wont be repeated for awhile

if i would come on you after you spank me i will either lick it up or grab soap and water wash your legs clean real good too i may be telling you iam sorry as well

Anonymous said...

And he's quite proud of himself too!!! But it's been several years ago???? Poor guy must be dying and pleading for another over-the-knee spanking from his cutie wife by now!!! (All wives and significant darlings must maintain your wifely spanking duties with your naughty devil on a regular basis and he'll be more than happy to more than reciprocate as your fanny knows and your wet lap found out too!) A true naughty devil works on getting over-the-knee spankings from his darling every day, do have to keep darling's gorgeous sensuous legs moisturized with naughty devil's own special cream on a regular basis after all!!!! Muwhahahaha!!!! Yours Truly, Creamy Smiling ND =;)