Thursday, March 9, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "Spanking 3D"


jimc said...

I really enjoy spanking 3D. I esp. enjoy otk which you enjoy too. Thank for sharing such great finds. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous art Veronica. Oh my what a find !
Love the last one: mommy is applying heat to the seat with the "attitude adjuster" paddle. Will help the brat not to get into serous trouble when she's older eh Veronica ? ;-)
Scary paddle - not sure I spotted those back in the 1960s in the store with mom (ha-ha boo-hoo).

I recall those scriptures, like, "cute little deer" and "don't spare the rod" and pictures of bare, red bottoms on the paddles were scary Veronica ! Gulp ! Mom did not buy one....she had the rattan switch (Waaah !) Oh my !!

These graphics are so cute. And so strict. Bare bottoms every one. I love them Veronica, thank you
Naughty Brenda xx

Tim . said...

One girl is otks with her jammies bottoms down being spanked .