Thursday, March 23, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "Spanking and Sex"

Many of you have witnessed my disciplinary spankings throughout the years but only on rare occasion witnessed my foreplay spankings. This particular scene took place inside our hotel room, I told Tony that I wanted a nice hand-spanking to put me in the mood and that is exactly what I got, and boy did it put me in the mood alright... LOL! A noise complaint was also made, not from the spanking but from the moaning. :)

Just placed over his knee and I'm already wet. :)

Ooooh yes... Bare my bottom!

Spank harder, spank harder!!!

Feeling the heat and feeling good... xo

Now that's a spanking... YES!

Honey gently lets me up...

I gently wipe a tear from my eyes and I'm feeling very horny.

Fuck me... fuck me now!!!

That feels soooo good. :)

I want more... more.. more!

Now he's pounding me like a jackhammer. 

Spankings and cock... Love it!

Feeling very content and craving some chocolate. :)


Leffers said...

WOW!!.....what an awesome collage! me horny as fuck!

OldFashionGirl said...

@Leffers... I'm glad my pics make you all tingly inside. Xo:)

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

smuccatelli said...

NICE! Very nice! Not just the pictures of your spanking and your sexy ass but the sex as well. Doggy-style is the perfect position for sex after a good spanking, just for the view alone. Your husband is a lucky man... ;-D

Tim . said...

An x -rated blog today best spanks from Tim x

Anonymous said...

Yes that figures Veronica: no complaints about the spanking noise, because Oh my, naughty lil' girls do get their bare bottoms soundly smacked when they are naughty in hotels !! That is normal. That is common practice. It happens to us all :-)

Very sexy and your round, soft, lush, peachy ass is so scrumptious Veronica. My hubby's mind is boggling, but I am just focusing on the need to give you a darn, good, Ol' fashioned bare bottom spanking for your behaviour already ! Strict and simple punishment works. No time outs needed young lady. Haibrush to bare botty !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

After that fine performance disturbing the neighbors, Cuddling, Chocolate, Caressing and another C word are what's really needed next, and then like the shampoo commercial says, rinse and repeat ... multiple times as needed!!!! The neighbors were just jealous of your intimate fun, if you had naughty devil next door, you would have been cheered on and been so proud of your PDN - Public Display of Naughtiness!!! ND =;)

Leslie James said...

Roni you are looking cuter by the minute. Definitely hot to trot.