Sunday, April 16, 2017

Can't sit down Sunday :(

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter Sunday and even on a beautiful day like today I managed to get a good old-fashioned over-the-knee spanking on my bare bottom!!! I thought if I wore my pretty pink dress and acted like a cute 'lil girl that my sassiness won't get to hubby... as usual I was wrong. :(

"OMIGOSH... Not in front of our guest!"


JD in Houston said...

I can well imagine a young lady such as Veronica misbehaving in church and being promised a spanking when she got home, still in her Sunday-best dress. Something delicious about that concept.

Years back, a young lady on a forum I manage, was visiting with her Aunt, Uncle and girl cousin for a number of days. I remember the cousin's name because it's the same as my ex-wife, Kathleen; I THINK the girl who shared the story may have been named Julie. Both girls were around 17 at the time.

Julie told the story of how she and Kathleen attended church with her Uncle; she said she and Kathleen cut up quite a bit, at one point even mocked the pastor. When her uncle - Kathleen's dad - got them back to his truck, the first thing he did was phone his brother, her father, and asked for his permission to paddle her along with his daughter Kathleen, for their abhorrent behavior during Sunday Services. He gave his permission. Julie said it was a very quiet ride home.

She said as soon as they got home, he moved two chairs from the dining room into the living room and set them adjacent but kind of close to each other, facing the wall. He then had each girl bend over the back of each respective chair, put their head down in the chair seat. Julie said being shorter than Kathleen, she had difficulty getting her head down to the chair seat while keeping her feet on the floor. Once the girls were in position, the uncle retrieved a wooden school paddle...and with two young female targets in full view, he started the spankings with Kathleen. She got 5 swats, then he gave the same to Julie - also 5 swats. Then back to Kathleen for 5 more, and so on. Each girl ultimately received a total of 15 swats by the time the paddlings were over. Julie said the swats were so hard, that each time the paddle made contact with her behind, the chair - on hardwood flooring - would screech forward a bit.

I did ask her if she at least had a few layers of clothing over her rear end for some protection of his big paddle - OR - was that not the case. She wrote back simply, "Bare fanny."

I believe the story is true because of the way it ended. When Julie's mom saw the tremendous bruising of her buttocks, she had her show her Dad. Her Dad was so angry with his brother that he cursed him out and swore he would never let his daughter stay with him again. I guess he was OK with a good spanking, but it turned into something that more resembled a beating....not cool.

Tim . said...

Happy Easter Veronica and spanks too , Tim x

Anonymous said...

Veronica, pray why do you never seem to learn your lesson ?
We cute girls in pretty pink can be sassy already. And must we not pay the ultimate price ?

Veronica, you and I were both raised in Ol' fashioned domestic times, when wayward, naughty lil' sassy girls gotten the fair, sensitive skin on their chubby backsides exposed for a good spanking from mommy or daddy already !! Quite right too !

Oh my for sure, our pretty, conservative dresses came up, and our traditional cotton panties came down; and a thousand bee stings landed on our pale, tender, bare botties from a hard hand, a hairbrush or in my case , mother's whippy rattan cane on the bare :-(

It was the 1960s/70s for me Veronica and the 1970s/80s for you. Not much difference there eh ?

And naughty girls in the South are told "go get a switch young lady"...a fresh, stingy green one for bare, tender bums Veronica ! So as a strict, traditional mom, I have no sympathy for you missy. Poor Tony is severly tested by your behaviour Veronica, but he is raising you quite brilliantly already !
Love your dress Veronica. But you are so gorgeous and naughty :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx